Gaslighter Bracelet

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Together, these energies work to keep your self-love, self-awareness and willpower in check, creating a harmonious balance to free you from toxic gaslighters, self-imposed limitations, and allow you to stand in your power. Pink Tourmaline demonstrates absolute love, acting as a magnet to draw in compassion for all you embody and all that surrounds you. It inspires trust in knowing you must love yourself before you can be loved by anyone else. It provides openness to receiving healing energy as it transforms dense energy into lighter vibrations that you can use to your benefit. Herkimer Diamond is a higher vibrational stone, essential for core soul healing, releasing blockages in your spiritual growth. It transforms energies to bring your purpose to light, and is a powerful manifestation tool as it amplifies your truest desires and aligns you to them. Gold encompasses the energy of the sun and increases creativity, confidence and vitality. It is the metal of royalty, revitalizing physical energy,<br>bringing joy, excitement and optimism while encouraging the strength to overcome fear.

Bead Sizes: Beads are 4mm

Bracelet Sizes: Our bracelets come in sizes by wrist measurement. They are as follows- S 6.5", M 7", L 7.5", XL 8"

Bracelets are all made on a stretch cord

NOTE: Because every bracelet is handcrafted and made to order, please allow us up to 7 days to ship your bracelet. You will receive an email with tracking as soon as your order ships. Thank you for your patience and support!