Gaslighter Crystal Stack Bracelet

Gaslighter Crystal Stack Bracelet

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This group of energies works with you and for you to call on your higher power, using your inner strength to cut ties with destructive gaslighters who do not serve you or your highest good in any way. Together they symphonize like an energetic hug -empowering, balancing, grounding, and inspiring you to stand up, own your power, shield yourself from toxicity and evolve into your best self so we can grow together for the betterment of humanity.

Black Tourmaline creates a protective barrier against heavy energies while turning negative thought patterns into positive ones, allowing you to understand yourself deeper, bringing self-confidence, and letting go of fear or victim modalities. It is a powerful grounding stone, acting like a bad-vibe vacuum and protecting you from gaslighters. It balances male and female energies while helping you to understand yourself better and have compassion and tolerance for others.

Pink Tourmaline demonstrates all-encompassing love, acting as a magnet to pull in abundant compassion for all that you are and those who surround you. It provides comfort through understanding there is safety in love, inspiring trust in knowing you<br>must love yourself before you can be loved by anyone else. It allows you to become open to receiving healing energy and purifies heavy energy into positive energy that you can use to your benefit.

14K Gold encompasses the energy of the sun and boosts creativity, confidence, and vitality. It activates all chakras and is the metal that embodies the outer self and the sunlit personality. Gold is the metal of royalty, revitalizing physical energies, and supporting openness. It brings joy, excitement, and optimism while encouraging determination, strength, and willpower to overcome fear.

Herkimer Diamond is a high vibrational stone, essential for healing while creating a protective shield when undertaking spiritual work. It aids in receiving guidance from higher dimensions, releasing blockages in your spiritual growth, transforming energies within that are holding you back. It helps to bring your sense of purpose to light while protecting you and is a powerful manifestation tool as it amplifies your truest desires and aligns you to them.

Bead Sizes: Beads are 4mm

Bracelet Sizes: Our bracelets come in sizes by wrist measurement. They are as follows- S 6.5", M 7", L 7.5", XL 8

Bracelets are all made on a stretch cord

NOTE: Because every bracelet is handcrafted and made to order, please allow us up to 7 days to ship your bracelet. You will receive an email with tracking as soon as your order ships. Thank you for your patience and support!